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YMCA, Jerusalem

The Yemama Festival- Pandora Collective

Creation and performance: Yoanna Blikman


Stage design: Yariv Bono

Design consultation: Renana Aldor

Costume design: Francoise Coriat

Video: Yoanna Blikman

Documentary Video: Dan Robert Lahiani

Video Editing: Yoanna Blikman

Artistic guidance: Shelly Palmon, Ruth-Johanne Andersson

Choreography consultation: Sigal Bergman, Shlomi Bitton

Dramaturgy consultation: Ruth Hof


Documentation of the performance: Ido Cohen and Dan Robert Lahiani

Trailer: Yoanna Blikman

In Yoanna’s Cell Phone is an original  production of the MASH Dance House developed in the frame of a residency and premiered during the International Dance Week in Jerusalem, 2017.

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