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CORPS עם לי

live performance, 10' (2014)

Created and performed by  Yoanna Blikman

Corps עם לי is a piece which is based on a linguistic research where I explore the process of articulation.  I use the letters of my name as my alphabet and tend to articulate each of them, using all my limbs to answer the question « what's your name » « eikh korim li » in hebrew. This performance is turned to the public, as a constant try of speech.

During my research, I have been studying differents manifestations of aphasia, trying to understand physically emotionally what is happening to the person who is stuttering.

Being an immigrant,  I feel sometimes that I make a constant exercise of translation. The title of the piece, Corps עם לי is a joke which only somebody who understand both French and Hebrew can catch : corps means body, עם לי means with me, and together it means in hebrew : “my name is”.

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