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Foto Fight (2021)

Virtual Video Performance by Yoanna Blikman


Mayoza, Initiator and prophetess of the revolution for the liberation of the cameras and women of the world, goes forth to battle the dominating patriarchal male gaze.


During the performance, Mayoza casts a retrospective look at her life through all of the cameras that photographed her as well as those she herself held as a photographer.

The photographic retrospective is composed of documentary materials photographed throughout the artist’s life, from the childhood Kung Fun competitions, through work as a photographer’s model as a teenager, to selfy stories, and performances.


Foto Fight is accompanied by Mayoza’s Capoeira training sessions as she practices the Afro-Brazilian martial art created by slaves who dreamed freedom and fought for it.


The 45 min. performance is in French-Israeli accented English 


Director, writer, performer:

Yoanna Blikman


Dramaturgy and artistic guidance: 

Moran Aviv Dvir


Archival photographs:

Franck Prignet, Yoanna Blikman, Dan Robert Lahiani, Ben Hopper, Rotem Zioni, Gérard Blikman.

With the kind support of:

The El Halev Center, Generator-Starting Culture in Talpiot; Yael-Home for Independent Dance Makers and Performers in Jerusalem and  the Machol Shalem Dance House. 


The event is part of ‘Pursuing Freedom: Dreaming up feminine martial art’, an artist in residence program curated by Yoanna Blikman at the ‘El Halev’ organization.

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