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Performance view, Breathing Room (2021) credit photo: Tamar Lamm


9/7/2024 17:30

Residence opening at Micadanses Paris

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Podcast: Notre Haggadah - Un art martial féminin juif

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8/2023 Man

Machol Shalem Dance House

7/2023 Man

Israel Choreography Association, Tel Aviv

6/2023 Man

Premiere at the Kibbutz Beeri

1/2023 Residence at Bikurei Haitim

Tel Aviv

12/2022 Breathing Room

The Choreographers' Studio, Tel Aviv

12/2022 Photographic Fitness

Exhibition and performance at Azrieli Gallery, Jerusalem

5-10/2022 Residence at Mash Dance House


12/5/2022 Training Room, Room Service Festival

new work in premiere, Brown Hotel, Jerusalem

19/5/2022  'Dance as a feminine martial art' as part of the 'Dance in the living room' event

conference, Jerusalem

20/4/2022 Private collection, Koresh Gallery

collective exhibition curated by Dveer Shaked

13/7/2021 Common evening with Ofir Yudilevitch

HaParsa Center for Performing Arts, Jerusalem

21/6/2021 Breathing Room- VR Dance Festival

HaParsa Center for Performing Arts, Jerusalem

7/1-18/2/2021 Pursuing Freedom- Dreaming up Feminine Martial Art

artistic direction and new work in premiere: Foto Fight

26/4/2020-10/5/2020  Adi Residence

Machol Shalem, Jerusalem

31/12/2019-31/3/2020  Residence 

'El Halev', Jerusalem

1/11/2019 Artist's Appointment, Manofim Festival, Art Cube Artists' Studio, Jerusalem

curator: Dveer Shaked

31/10/2019 Suzanne Dallal, Room Dance Festival, Jerusalem and Tel Aviv

Dancer in Shelly Palmon's work הצטרפות

5/7/2019 Between Heaven and Earth Festival, Gerard Bahar, Jerusalem

new work in Premiere: Money Rain

4/5/2019 'Exit' Artist Wall, Art Cube Artist's Studio, Jerusalem

curator: Dan Robert Lahiani

30/12/2018 Barbarians, The Mamuta Art and Media Center

3/12/2018 Karnaff Hall, The International Dance Week, Jerusalem

presented work: Kung Fu

1/11/2018 Haifa Museum, Between Earth and Heaven Festival

New work in premiere: Breathing Room

25/10/2018 Israel Museum, Between Earth and Heaven Festival

new work in Premiere: Breathing Room


9/2018 The National Library of Israel

Collective exhibition: Utopia

curator: Porat Salomon

exhibited works: photographs

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