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A combination of martial arts, dance and feminist self-defense through the practice of traditional martial movements and dance improvisation.

The class focuses on building self-confidence, discovery of inner strength and self-expression through movement and play.

A class designed for children, teeenagres and women and taught by Yoanna Blikman, martial artist, choreographer and former French Kung Fu champion in the children’s category.

Order a workshop (school/ community center/ dance and acting schools)

Super Heroines Workshop / Mothers and Daughters



Private trainings and lessons

Participate in an annual course for you or your kid?


Children from 5-9 years old , Neve Eliezer Center, TLV-

Women -Elisabeth Nativ School for Performing Arts, North TLV (Women)


Capoeira classes for children from 3 years old to adults, Nataf


Children from 3-8 years old

The School of the arts of dance, The Arab-Jewish Center, Jaffa

to book a lesson: 0525641029,

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