artist statement

My body is my first tool. Then comes the camera. I am a movement artist,  a photographer and a former model. Each medium can be a starting point for the next one. I create experiences involving my different practices simultaneously. This attempt reveals  series of visual and physical mechanisms, such as immobilizing what I see and bringing my own body to movement.

In what I call my photography performances, such as “Body Montage” (2016) I created moving images of myself being static, and literally holding my breath. The second moving image experience is a documentation of myself reenacting the procedure of the development of a photograph.

Since I began my artistic collaboration with my life partner, video artist Dan Robert Lahiani in 2014, my work process involves what I call “duets” between my dance/movement and videos of personal archives. The piece “Kung Fu” (2015), on which Lahiani and I collaborated, integrates family footages filmed by my father of me taking part in a kung fu competition.

I am in constant dialogue with Jewish and Israeli identities. In the performance “Breathing Room” (2018) the digital space is the foundation on which the stage and the movements of the performer were conceived. The work was built after my father, who lives in Paris, stopped responding to my Whatsapp conversations after I asked him to stop sending so many videos about politics and antisemitism. In the work, I interrupt the conversation and direct it to the audience, using digital space to bridge between the home I left at age 19, to my present home in Jerusalem.

My next project continues with the sequences of still photographs of the choreography from “Breathing Room” (2018) to be transformed into a performance on the walls.

Credit photo: Dan Robert Lahiani


Born in Paris in 1989, Yoanna Blikman is a dancer, performer and photographer who moved to Israel in 2009. Blikman learnt Kung Fu with the master Chang Xiao Yan at a young age. When she became a teenager, she got into photography and started working as a model during experimental photography sessions. Afterwards, she decided to go onto the other side of the camera and worked as a photographer. As she was studying acting in Paris (at Laboratoire de l’Acteur) and in Tel Aviv (Yoram Levinstein), she showed deep interest for movement and body language, which led her to continue her research in the contemporary dance school: the Group in Jaffa. While graduating from a B.A at the Jerusalem Academy of Music, in movement and choreography, she achieved a seminar which explores the fundamental relation between body and language, in a psychoanalytic context. She graduated with a final work called “Body Montage” which is a study on photography through her own body. In the past years, she has performed her creations in important art centers, galleries, and festivals such as Dock 11 (Berlin), Experimentica Festival, Chapter (Cardiff), the Neu now Festival for emerging european artists (Amsterdam) and the  International Dance Week (Jerusalem) as well as her new performance 'Breathing Room' at the Israel Museum and the Haifa Museum.