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Born in Paris in 1989, Yoanna Blikman is a movement artist creating through the encounter of martial art, photography and dance performance. Blikman learnt Kung Fu with the master Chang Xiao Yan at a young age. When she became a teenager, she got into photography and started working as a model during experimental photography sessions. Afterwards, she decided to go onto the other side of the camera and worked as a photographer. As she was studying acting in Paris (at Laboratoire de l’Acteur) and in Tel Aviv (Yoram Levinstein), she showed deep interest for movement and body language, which led her to continue her research in the contemporary dance school: the Group in Jaffa. While graduating from a B.A at the Jerusalem Academy of Music, in movement and choreography, she achieved a seminar which explores the fundamental relation between body and language, in a psychoanalytic context. She graduated with a final work called “Body Montage” which is a study on photography through her own body. In the past years, she has performed her creations in important art centers, galleries, and festivals such as Dock 11 (Berlin), Experimentica Festival, Chapter (Cardiff), the Neu now Festival for emerging european artists (Amsterdam) and the  International Dance Week (Jerusalem) the Israel Museum and the Haifa Museum. Nowadays, Blikman is training and teaching Capoeira as well as teaching a discipline she develops called “Kung Fu Dance’’ , an artistic attempt to create a feminine martial art.

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