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live performance, 25' (2018)

In this work, digital space is the foundation on which the stage and the movements of the performer were conceived. The artist Yoanna Blikman was born and raised in Paris and immigrated to Israel at the age of 19. This work was built following a cut off in the phone conversation through WhatsApp between Yoanna and her father. As her father, who lives in Paris, keeps sending her videos about politics and anti-Semitism, Yoanna interrupts the conversation and directs it to her audience when she responds to the video clips she cannot withstand. Yoanna illustrates the digital space that emerges from WhatsApp, and bridges through the stage between her father's living room in Paris and her living room in Jerusalem. The pieces of furniture similar to the ones from her father's apartment hang from the ceiling like a child mobile. She uses the languages at her disposal – Hebrew, French, dance and photography – in order to re-establish communication beyond the alienation and the cultural and physical cut off between her and her father.


Creation and performance: Yoanna Blikman/ Design consultation: Renana Aldor/ Costume design: Francoise Coriat/ Video: Yoanna Blikman/ Artistic guidance: Tammy Itzhaki and Shelly Palmon


The performance has been developed in the framework of a residency at the Machol Shalem Dance House and at Between Heaven and Earth.

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