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video, 8' (2016)

Directed by Dan R. Lahiani - Performed by Yoanna Blikman & Dan R. Lahiani


"Jeu de Claques is a video which explores mechanisms inside a couple. The performance brings forth the complexity and the ambivalence of the known active/passive or dominated/submissive relationship between two beings. The clapping makes sound a constant key element in the piece and evokes the self-applause of spectacles. The points of total passiveness or activeness do not exist. While one is doing a silent gesture of slapping the other one produces its sound for him. Thus the mechanism is transposed in the physical relation between production of sound and production of visual.

The symetrical entry of the performers in the frame clearly states that the performance is directed. Yet, this onetime performance reveals at some point the tension between reality and fiction"


Text by Dan Robert Lahiani


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