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live performance 28 ' (2015)

Created by Yoanna Blikman and Dan Robert Lahiani

Performance and Choreography: Yoanna Blikman

Video and sound: Dan Robert Lahiani

Artistic Guidance: Sharon Balaban and Rudy Edelman

Project framework: The Bezalel Academy of Art and Design Screen Based Departement and The Machol Shalem Dance House

KUNG FU is a project initiated by Dan Robert Lahiani, who chose to resurface amateur video footage of Kung Fu competitions from Yoanna Blikman’s childhood in Paris, shot with an 8mm camera by her father. The films show the inside of a Parisian gymnasium, where competitions take place in the presence of prestigious Chinese and French Kung Fu masters.

In present day Israel, Yoanna tries to communicate with these videos. In this attempt to interact with the past, she recollects memories in her body and finds new connections through her dance faculties. The fact that her body has changed from one of a child to one of a woman creates this impossibility of a copy, of a perfect “unison”; marking the beginning of a period of research in a different time and a different country.

While performing, Yoanna interacts with moving portraits of herself at a young age. She edits the footage in live and duplicates moments of herself. She decides of the duration and rhythm of the portraits and creates a mix of live images and sound.


Credit photo: Dan Robert Lahiani


"Ending the halfway day was Kung Fu a project by both Yoanna Blikman andDan Robert Lahiani. This marvellous fusion of dance, Kung Fu, photography, home video and live editing may sound daunting, but is a brief and transfixing experience. Yoanna is a terrific dancer, with keen focus on her movement and has a grip on us all in every step she executes. Dan observes her, scouting every move, as old footage of Yoanna as a child is seen at at martial arts competition. Looking like a young Meridith Monk (pony tails and all), she’s wins 1st place, such is her power even then as an artist and athlete. In one hilarious and funky moment, two frames from her victory jump are remixed into a silly dance that she creates live in front of us. This is a special piece and a true highlight of the festival "  April 2017. Cardiff, TheSprout

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