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live performance, 20' (2019)

Berlin, 1942. A Jewish Polish cabaret artist is forced to flee to Paris, where he begs for money from friends and family to escape by ship to the USA. He was unable to raise the money and died in the war.

The family story was kept secret until Yoanna heard it from her father – only when she shared with him about her money problems. Yoanna, who left Paris for Israel 10 years ago, wants to create a performance with her uncle’s spirit, making his story visible.

Yoanna questions money and survival as an immigrant artist. She attempts to raise a loan, as a tikkun -a repair - helping her uncle raise the money for the ticket. The dialogue is a biblical confrontation: Yoanna accuses God of injustice, asking for a redress of past injustices. 

The artist confronts the concept of “money”: lack, debt to the bank, hunger, love of luxury, unending feeling of poverty; and donations, prayers, collective living, and mutual aid. She tries to find solutions.

The performance uses physical movement of the artist’s body, monologues, and coins as scenographic elements.

'Money Rain' has been created in the framework of a residence at 'Between Heaven and Earth Festival'  in 2019, supported by the ministry of culture and the Jerusalem municipality.

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