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The performance is taking place in a luxury jerusalemite hotel not far from the old city.

Not far as well in the time and space, Yoanna Blikman went through a sexual assault which closed from her the doors to her sexuality for an indifinite time.


With the invitation of creating a performance on the subject of ‘fantasia’, Yoanna, a  martial and dance artist, choses to unify between her martial practice and the erotic world that was an unseparrable part of her artistic identity before the attack.


Playing with sextext from the past and on the rhythm of drums influenced by the martial art of Capoeira, she creates a poetic form of prayer in order to welcome back in her room and in her body the divine presence of her sexuality.

performance: Yoanna Blikman

Percussion: Dar Levy

Premiere  at Brown Hotel- Room Service event, Jerusalem 2022

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